Survey Section Illinois Public Health and Meaningful Use Testing Registration

Illinois Public Health Meaningful Use Registration of Intent.


In Meaningful Use Stage 2 or 3 (MU), the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is tasked with registering Eligible Professionals (EPs) and Eligible Hospitals (EHs) that intend to submit data to IDPH as the Public Health Authority (PHA) for one of the Public Health Meaningful Use measures. EPs and EHs must register their intent with the PHA no later than the 60th day of the start of their EHR reporting period. This registration system will collect the required information for your facility and will inform IDPH of your request to test, validate and submit production-level data for core and optional Public Health Meaningful Use objectives. To begin the Registration of Intent process, please review the information below to help guide you through the process. Once you’ve initiated the registration process, you must complete all of the required fields. Registrants are not able to save the entered information and return at a later time. Therefore, we encourage you to gather all of the required information specified below before clicking START.

Determine if you will be registering your organization as a Individual or Multiple Provider:

Health Systems with multiple NPIs/group provider sites networked to the same certified EHR system will need to complete the Health System Multiple Provider Spreadsheet. Please save the file to your computer once the spreadsheet is completed. You will be asked to upload this document after Section 4.

Information Needed Before Proceeding:

Specific information is required to complete the Registration of Intent process, so please have it all available before you initiate the registration process. Download one of the following documents to obtain specific details on what is needed for your organization:

Registering as a Multiple Provider Tip Sheet

Registering as an Individual Provider Tip Sheet

If you have any questions regarding the information requested, please contact:

ICARE (Illinois Immunization Registry) or
ELR (Illinois Disease Surveillance System) or
ISSS (Illinois Syndromic Surveillance System) or
ISCR (Illinois State Cancer Registry) or
ILPMP (Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program)

Once you have gathered the required information (refer to the appropriate Meaningful Use Tip Sheet above), please click START to proceed with your Meaningful Use Test Request.